Photo Gallery #2

Photo Gallery #2  画像

This month, we, Emo Tokyo members, have decided on our theme for the photo gallery will be based on Emo Tokyo apparel. We've chosen to showcase photos where each member is wearing the clothing.

In this blog, I'd like to share a behind-the-scenes story of few photographs.

This photo was taken when few of our members visited the printing factory deciding our final colors to print of our T-shirt. We also had the experience to look around the factory and the opportunity to print our emo tokyo awaji logo by ourself, and this photo was taken when the worker was showing us the process.

This photo was taken in when we went on a trip to Tanegashima, and our local friend/surfer Ricky showing us chill spots in the island.
Kennan and Ricky

This photo was taken in local nearby beach (Taganohama) when we went on a photoshoot with all the members.
Kai and Kennan

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