Food poisoned

Food poisoned 画像

Excuse me if you're eating, but I'm currently writing this blog while sitting on the toilet, where I have been for the past couple of days. Probably food poisoned and had a fever for the first 2 days but was feeling better on the 3rd day and went to work. While I was sick I had an idea to make blue colored soda and alcohol since the cafe is in front of the sea I thought it would go well with the view and decided to try making. Turned out to be more like blue lemonade but the taste goes so well with the mint we grow in the back planter and we are planning to serve it from summer. Also have couple of new alcohol in making so stay tuned!
Here is a picture...

Also on this day we decided to end work early because we were all going to a Joyce Wrice live show in Osaka. The live was amazing and was finally able to eat since I was starving from not eating at all for the past couple days, and after the live the artist was doing a meet and greet where some of us was able to get a picture and autograph which was amazing.
heres the picture with Joyce Wrice 🔥🔥🔥🔥

On 23rd Kai and I had a day off and we decided to go eat lunch outside and decided to go to new ramen store in Shizuki with high rating but unfortunately it was closed so we decided to go eat Udon nearby called 幸来 (ハピクル)Ill put the link below.. but this place Tsuke Udon is straight gas and the price is just unbelievable
This is the link..

and later we went to tea place called つきよみ which is 5 minutes from our cafe right next to Kona resort and I had some cold brew hojicha which was amazing and the fresh air at the place was so peaceful. Even though I have ornithophobia when I closed my eyes I could hear different birds singing from left ear and right ear made me feel like I was in a Ghibili movie scene.

On the 24th I found a turtle in back of our cafe and seems like he was lost and needed some help and Ao decided to help the turtle and release it in the river.

That'll be it for this week 👌👌👌