Mid June - Hijiri

Mid June - Hijiri  画像

Good afternoon

As I said in the last blog I would like to continue the follow up of June couple days before a week trip to Thailand and Vietnam. Currently at あわじ探偵事務所 drinking a nice cup of coffee writing this blog and editing the photos. I thought I would be done with the edit but some kind of error and most of the photos I imported to my lightroom went missing.... pain in the ass but had to look through 6000 plus photos again and finally starting my editing process.

Well anyways I would like to continue from June 12th!
I dont quite remember when but I probably wrote it in one of the blogs about my food poison, and while I was sick laying on bed I randomly had a idea to make blue colored drink for our cafe menu. Did some research and decided to add blue margarita and blue lemonade or soda still not sure about what the name is going to be. So on the 12th all the ingredients that was needed was ready and made some to see how it taste and see the other members opinion. Had to remake it couple times cause it was too sweet but after couple more trials I don't know how seems like it worked out. Well perfected the margarita but still not sure about the lemonade or soda yet. By summer it'll be ready to serve.. hoping

here are some pictures

On the 13th I went back to visit my grandpas house for dinner but I completely forgot about needing passport to travel overseas so had to go get my passport. Since I had time before in the morning I was desperate to get a haircut before going to Thailand since I knew it was going to be boiling hot there so was able to get clean fade from Rippers Osaka located in Shinsaibashi, I've been going for couple years now and if your into American style fade/cut Ill definitely recommend! On the 14th afternoon I was able to visit my grandpas house and eat dinner with my lil cousin and grandpa. Had nice time catching up and needed it before going overseas.