Happy Holidays ... Hijiri

Happy Holidays  ... Hijiri 画像

Happy Holidays!

This week I'll like to share good news and bad news. I'll keep it short and simple, it finally snowed!! Was able to spend my first snow of this winter while I was working at Inagawa Cafe alone...

Honestly I don't know if it's starting to feel like a holiday or if I'm truly happy about it but I hope everyone has a good one.

Bad news is that its cold.

Anyways I like to share one thing that's been going through my head lately constantly...

Fujifilm VS Lumix

I could get in to details but lets skip the nerdy part the main problem is that I currently own a FujiFilm but something up with camera sensor and I was thinking of getting it fixed again but at the same time wanted to get into videography and buy Lumix. Even writing this is so stressful... If I buy Lumix am I cheating on fujifilm? Do I wait and save up till I can buy the GFX 100? How long can I go without a camera?!
Yes, I know I'm overthinking..
Might as well start using my old film camera till I can decide and cop a new camera 🤯

Anyways currently my 3rd gallery is been displayed in the cafe and the theme is Matsuri (Japanese traditional festival). The photos are from just one festival which I showcased in one of my blogs 深草八幡神社秋祭り.

Come check at the photos if you have time!! 📷
Have a wonderful holiday 🐶