Week 4 (Feb) - Hijiri

Week 4 (Feb) - Hijiri 画像

Goodmorning this week was very foggy but seems like it's getting warmer. To most of you it might be cherry blossom season but for me it'll be hay fever season... rip

Well anyway this week on my dayoff went to visit couple cafe with Tomoya and Ao. First we went to ふう (owl) Cafe and had curry for lunch which was Gass and then I bought sweet potato waffle which was also gassss....after we went to dairoku coffee to relax. Then we went looking for place where we can develop film hoping I'll be able to share some on next week blog 👌👌

On Thursday we had a guest come stay at our Emo Base and she is a Japanese style massage therapist where we all got our body checked by her. Then we went to eat at In the house, ofcourse almost everyone ordered the same chicken set as usual. Then we went to Miyojin Misaki temple 🙏🙏

Here are some pictures...