Buenos Dias BTS - Hijiri

Buenos Dias BTS - Hijiri 画像

Just got back from quick trip to Tokyo to see Bruno Mars live and art exhibition based on "Eternity In A Moment".

First time in Tokyo Dome was hectic but been awhile since I felt inspired 🙏

"Eternity In A Moment"

The exhibition had different rooms with different artwork, all of them was very vivid and trippy.

Got back to Emo Tokyo Base on Thursday afternoon and seems like everyone went back except for one and only...
no not him but Kai chan

Just made dinner with what we had in the fridge.. egg, chive, bean sprouts and sausage
ft James Brown - This Is A Mans World

Friday @ cafe with Kai Chan and Ao
Prepping Samosa
note* make sure to learn from Ao not from Kai Chan

Then we went on a mission to rescue blue sheet and had lunch after

Dumpling and Meat Cutlet!

After Lunch

Tried making matcha latte but seems like we are missing one ingredient .. will retry

Ao made oreo cookie latte and instant coffee

Dinner ... testing out crispy french fries for cafe menu

while Ao and Kai chan studying english??

Dinner pt 2

See you next week !