Hello March 👋 - Hijiri

Hello March 👋 - Hijiri 画像

March already?!
It's crazy how time flies, we are already three months into 2024, even though I'm on an island. I guess season is coming and its going to be more busy now. Anyways the music drop has been amazing and I haven't been able to keep up but yesterday one of my all time favorite rapper schoolboyq just dropped an album and I'm patiently waiting for my day off to listen to the album, front to back no interference on god... but heres a album I would like to recommend called Free Nationals which they are R&B band frequently accompany Anderson .Paak as his backing band, and this album has some amazing artist so if anyone of you enjoy listening to good music I would recommend this album.
On Thursday last week I was able to pick up my developed film and wanted to share few of my favorite captures. All of these were shot on my Olympus OM-1 and I used kodak ultra max 400.

Here are some of my favorite pictures

Hopefully next time I can tryout the Kodak Gold 200 or Ilford HP5+ I'll see how it goes.

See yall next week!