This week @Emo

This week @Emo 画像

Goodmorning/GoodAfternoon time for my fatass to lose some weight so decided to buy a bicycle to go to work...

Well, I tried on Monday but gave up midway after 6.7km called Ao for pickup 😅

My mind was telling me yes but my body cancelled on my ass especially my back and neck rip 👴

This week weather was no joke and the cafe was quiet so did lots of cooking and testing out new food and drink ideas...

Tried making Gelato for the summer menu

Ao's new food idea 💡

Hot Lemon

Shy Kaiちゃん practicing Erhu for his future live at Emo

Shoutout to big plug Hayashi さん always helping out and fixing the cafe 🙏

On Wednesday 25th we had to close the cafe due to the wind so we all went to eat lunch at local cafe "In The House" one of our favorite spot to go in Awaji.
The vibe and the food is fire🔥🔥 I recommend spicy chicken!!