Busy week - Hijiri

Busy week - Hijiri 画像

Hello from Inagawa, its been pretty warm and perfect weather for outside takibi and chill. Hopefully everyone was able to get good rest durning the 3 days offs!

Well it was very busy 3 days from Saturday to Monday last week in Awaji and the weather wasn't helping at all. On Saturday I took my film camera to shoot the ocean view and the sunset but right when it was a perfect sunset my shutter got jammed and wasn't able to capture the sunset which was disappointing. hopefully it didn't damage the whole film.... I was planning to fix it but after work was too tired to do anything so wasn't able to fix it till Monday night.

This is what the inside looks like..

On Tuesday...
Kai, Laras, and I filmed some videos for Silent Chill (CBD brand) and later that day went to visit Rocca Awaji an antique villa?! Where they sell antiques and also use those antiques in a cafe.
The place didn't seem like Japan and more like somewhere in Europe. Amazing ocean view from outside park and the waffle/hot lemon was gas. The antique store had lots of unique and vintage antiques. Would definitely like to revisit and fly the drone or shoot a MV.

Coffee x Silent Chill CBD

Antique store <Rocca>

See yall next week 👌👌