Testing an Indian-Japanese curry by Kennan

Testing an Indian-Japanese curry by Kennan  画像

Recently, I embarked on a experiment, diving into the creating a new curry recipe for emo Tokyo. Our team has a fondness for beef, and we're fortunate to have access to premium beef tendons from a local wagyu farmer known for their Kunugiza cattle. Venturing beyond my usual Indian-style curries, I crafted this dish as a Japanese-style curry but infusing it with the flavors of Indian spices.

[Picture of the beef tendons from Kunugiza]

The preparation was an aromatic journey. Starting with crafting the curry paste, the kitchen was filled with the scents of roasted spices. Many of our team members commented on the smell surrounding the air around the cafe. 

[Picture of the curry paste]

Simmering the tendons slowly, the rich flavors melded together, the tendons turning unbelievably tender.

The final product was a harmonious blend of richness and warmth, perfect for a customer coming in on a cold day.

[Picture of the completed curry]

With the cooler months on the horizon, I tweaked the curry's profile to have a gentle sweetness—a characteristic beloved in many Japanese curries. It's my hope that this heartwarming meal will bring comfort to our customers, creating a cozy respite from the winter chill.