Emo Fiesta 2k23 - by Hijiri

Emo Fiesta 2k23 - by Hijiri 画像

Bella Ciao
This week I'll like to talk about our emo (sweet potato). We finally have all 4 taste which are
シルクスイート, 安納芋, ふくむらさき and 紅はるか.

We've been trying out different ways to cook the emo. We tried with the 壷焼き but was hard to keep the temperature, so we tried with the convection oven. We had to try multiple time to figure out the best temperature and how long to cook in the oven.

Here are the process...

First we wash the dirt off

After we get some salt water from the sea in front of the cafe and dip it in for about half an hour

then poke some wholes and wrap it in aluminum

wake and bake in the convection oven and here are the result ...

ふくむらさき on the left シルクスイート on the right

Holy Emo ....

and made some Emo Tempura using 紅はるか which is my favorite.

Come try out all the emo!