New beginning - Hijiri

New beginning - Hijiri 画像

Good afternoon from Inagawa!
This week was a new beginning since we got a new camera for the cafe! Officially team lumix and will be shooting lots of videos/photos with this Lil beast 💪📷🤳
Already did some photoshoot with this camera and would like to share some of those photos 📸

On the 4th of March we had guest from Tanegashima fellow cafe owner and Kais friend Kyouちゃん & Toaちゃん come visit us!!! We planned to do BBQ at the guest house and did some photoshoot of BBQ setup for the gueshoust website!!

Here's are pic of everyone bbq and chill 🍷

Will need more time to get use to this camera but will be sharing a lot more photos from next week! 👌👌