March Madness - Hijiri

March Madness - Hijiri 画像

Its March Madness season man it sucks to say but my team has been eliminated sweet sixteen. Otsukare UNC... anyways its March Madness in Emo Tokyo as well I guess finally the main season has started the last few weeks been crazy with customer rush. Also finally winter season is over and the past 2 days been perfect weather but at the same time my body seem to be used to the cold weather and its a bit too hot for me. I guess its not just me but also for Surf (golden retriever) since he has been barking all day to go to the beach. Since Last week our mvp of the week Kais grandma aka Baa Bawas able to come help out the cafe for the week🫡 On the 25th I was able to get 2 days off to go see my friend graduate uni at kyoto and was able to also link up with my another friend of mine after a year, and was glad everyone was doing good.

here are some pictures ...

Surf still scared to swim.. 🐶

Yesterday Kai and I had dayoff so we decided to visit a Japanese public elementary school which was renovated to art exhibi/cafe which was pretty unique. Its been more than a decade and half since I last stepped into a Japanese public school so it was some crazy nostalgia. The place is called eito about 5 minutes away from our cafe and on the first floor there's a cafe and apparels store which was pretty cool. On the 2nd and 3rd floor all the classrooms were kept as it is but had some artwork and my personal favorite room was 3rd graders classroom where it showcased history of the town Ei. It was a unique experience felt like I was visiting a mini museum.

here are some pictures ...