ただいまです - Hijiri

ただいまです - Hijiri  画像


Sorry for the late blog recently went on a trip to South East Asia with Laras and got back currently editing my favorite photos I took in Thailand and Vietnam. There are a lot of catching up to do so I will talk about the trip in next or next next blog with some photos, but this week I'll like to continue talking about the things I've done since the last blog.

On the 9th of June we planned to do a photoshoot in Awaji with few members from Inagawa. Kaichan came with Yuna and Rei to Awaji to model for our Emo Apparel. The weather wasn't great so we decided to take some at the cafe and also decided to go to Doa Door which is located in Sumoto, Awaji. The place is very unique, and they sell clothes and also showcase other local brands. They also have cafe called cota cota coffee which I wanted to try since we know the barista there and I'm probably the only member that never tried but unfortunately it was closed... but Kai chan and I talked to the owner of Doa Door and she was very supportive and let us take the photos inside. Here are some of the photos...
Rei & Laras at Doa Door


Kai Chan

After that we went to eat lunch at downtown Sumoto

and later took some photos at the 商店街

Couple days later Kai and I went to Sumoto and we decided to go to vintage UCC 喫茶店 

on the way back to the base we saw a chill private beach so decided to shoot Emo apparel there

check out our apparel instagram @emotokyoapparel !!

See yall next week 👍