Event week - Hijiri

Event week - Hijiri  画像


This week flew by quickly due to a Kuniuminochi (guest house) photoshoot/videoshoot, event preparations, and the kickoff of events starting on Thursday. A nearby restaurant called TORIKKA TABLE トリッカ テーブル hosted an event, and Tomoya planned a business trip to sell marshmallows at a bonfire. I'm not fully sure about the details, but since Thursday is our café's day off, we all decided to join the event. Before the event me and Kai went to the cafe to the sound check for our event on Saturday and right after we were done went to Bunny for late lunch and joined the event. The event was suppose to be sunset event but the weather wasn't so great.. it didn't rain, but was cloudy. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun with a bunch of locals and little kids. It seems like the little kids liked the marshmallows, and we had lots of interesting conversations with a 2-year-old boy named Kai-chan and 1st graders. Most of the people at the event seem to enjoy sitting around the bonfire having conversation with food and drinks.
Here are some pictures of that day...

Yesterday we had our Silent Chill 420 event which was our CBD brands first event. Had our Tokyo members and friend from back in high school visit us from Shodo shima and our cafe customer who run a curry kitchen car sell curry. We also had DJ's from In The House restaurant performing for most of the time with amazing music setting the vibe. It didn't go as we planned since the weather wasn't the best and it started raining right before our live but overall we realized our terrace is perfect place to host a rooftop party. Hopefully we can reschedule and do it another time with perfect weather for both of the event. Here are few photos from the event...