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Long time no see... 

Works been good but playoff season be stressing for real ⚡⚡⚡Currently watching game 4 OKC vs Mavs series PJ Washington buggin 🤬
Recently, well a couple days ago on my day off it was perfect weather to go outside so I decided to take the bike from the base to the cafe, on the way I visited couple templs and relaxed at Tagano hama beach. When I got to the cafe I filmed inside the guest house to make a room tour video for the website and instagram which I'm currently editing and should be up soon.

. By the way the Kuniuminochi villa official website should be up. Here is the link... its not fully done but the intro video I posted on Instagram should be up so check it out!

I just remembered while looking at my camera for photos of the trip to the cafe a day before I also took the bike around Shizuki and visited 8 Mangu temple and chilled at Tsunako bus terminal which seems like a hot spot for locals to go fishing. I was just sitting there for about an hour and half watching them fishing and talked to one of the guy fishing but seems like it wasn't his day. Hopefully soon I'll be catching some fish there and share on this blog.

Here are some photos....
8 Mangu Temple

Tsunako Bus Terminal

Bike ride to cafe
Izanagi Jingu Shrine

Taganoham Beach


Btw OKC got eliminated😅 see yall next week 👌👌👌