TAKIBI = - Hijiri

TAKIBI =     - Hijiri  画像

Good afternoon. This week, I'd like to define "takibi" (bonfire) by capturing some of the customer experiences at our cafe. Most of the photos are from the weekend I spent at Inagawa. If I were to define the takibi at our cafe, I would say it's close to what I hope my heaven would look like....a place where you can forget about time and find your own chill. The warmth from the fire and the burning wood create an ASMR-like experience. You could just stare at the fire and forget about everything for a second. I believe every customer has a different experience with our bonfire (takibi) system. For example...

A place where you can enjoy so much with company and food that it doesn't matter how much its snowing... my first time this winter seeing this much snow, I guess the weather don't matter
Quick catchup with friend with just a cup of coffee and bonfire

Cup of hot Japanese tea

and for some a nice date spot where they can make unforgettable memory

Spring break for college student where they can reflect about their year while enjoying our bonfire menu!

a place where they can enjoy our baked EMO with the bonfire

hoping to capture and share your experience at our bonfire cafe