Week 2 recap - Hijiri

Week 2 recap - Hijiri  画像

Good morning/ Good afternoon

Seems like its getting a little warmer or maybe the wind just got calmer.

The past few days been sunny and perfect weather, on Wednesday night Tomoya, Kai, and I went bar hopping around Sumoto, Awaji looking for find artist/musicians. We've been planning to host a music event late April and been trying to look for artist who can perform during the event. Kai on his day off went to visit cafe/bar 526 and heard from them that we should visit Bar Roots or Blues if we are looking to meet musicians. We decided to visit bar Roots which seems like a place where a lot of locals visit after work to have a drink and enjoy the karaoke. We heard from the bartender that they host a lot of music events and near the end of February there's a music event hosted by Awaji rappers so we should definitely come visit during the event if we want to find connections to DJs, hopefully we can make time to see wassup..

From there we decided to visit bar Blues since it was nearby and at first glance it didn't seems like a bar but more like a small pop up art gallery. The owner let us in even though it was after the closing time, but once we walked the vibe and the atmosphere with the music playing from record player hit different. The music that he had was similar to our music taste so we were able to enjoy a drink and just vibe to music. Jamiroquai, 七尾旅人, Nujabes blessing to my ears amen
Will definitely visit again to just relax and listen to music!

Bar Roots / Blues

Day in a life w Ali

On Thursday I was planning to go on a trip with my bike and take some photos using my film camera aka wifey.2 but we decided to take Ali around Awaji so unfortunately wasn't able to take my fatass on the bike. We first went to eat lunch at bunny (restaurant/cafe) which is near our cafe and where we always went to eat lunch during summer and swam while they make the food. I always order the toast/katsudon but this time I decided to take it light and chose katsudon only.


From there we decided to visit 楽遊山荘 (Rakuyusansou) which is cafe located in Goshiki, Awaji. When I first saw the cafe I thought it was straight up of Ghibili. All the customer/the cafe staff wanted to see Ali and Ali seemed very happy. The coffee was amazing, the interior was beautiful and the staff gave me positive energy. Will definitely visit again..

See yall next week hopefully will be done processing my film..
Bella Ciao