Only in the Inaka by Kennan

Only in the Inaka by Kennan 画像

I grew up two drastically different places. First, when I was in elementary and middle school, I lived in the suburbs off the coast of Okinawa. Then, before entering high school, I moved near Osaka City. As you know, I am now living in Awaji Island. The inaka life in Awaji is consistently filled with new and unexpected experiences.

A recent incident perfectly illustrates this unique lifestyle. Our neighbors at the nearby cafe alerted us about a monkey sighted a few kilometers away, heading in our direction. Initially, it seemed like a distant possibility. To our surprise however, a few hours later, a colleague rushed into the kitchen, alerting us about the monkey's presence right outside our cafe. True enough, there it was, offering a moment of unexpected wildlife encounter. Right then, I managed to snag a photo of the monkey.

Another surprise came in the shape of a cooling box, where a local restaurant gifted us two sizable 真鯛 (red sea bream) and a コウイカ (cuttlefish). This present led to a variety of dishes: a richly flavored squid ink pasta, crispy fried squid, miso soup, delicate sashimi, and a nourishing fish broth.

(Picture of the broth being made by the red sea bream)

(Picture of the squid ink pasta using the ink sack and tentacles of the cuttlefish topped off with sliced perilla)

(Picture of the plated sashimi)

Utilizing this homemade broth, today's special was a comforting, savory Oden, crafted from the essence of 真鯛. Each of these experiences reinforces the ever-surprising and exciting aspects of life in Awaji. These are the things you can experience only by living in the Inaka.