Photo Journal (bye bye summer)

Photo Journal (bye bye summer) 画像

Currently writing this blog in the kitchen waiting for the rain/hail to calm down, looking through my photographs and found these moments I've captured end of September.

These are some of the photos from our first Awajishima matsuri experience...

After work on September 30th we EMO Tokyo members were invited to once a year Autumn matsuri by our local friend.


Entrance lit up with 提灯 till the temple. Greeted with bunch of locals celebrating and having good time waiting for the traditional performances.

Kids wearing traditional masks and clothes performing traditional dance.Kids wearing traditional masks and clothes performing traditional dance.Men wearing traditional matsuri clothes carrying the お神輿 for their unforgettable performance. From lifting and rotating 90 degrees while kids inside the お神輿 playing the traditional drum sideways.

On the 31st of September the following day the kids and the men from last night carried the お神輿 suprsingly through EMO Tokyo parking lot and towards the stone where they put the お神輿 to perform their ritual.
Hopefully we will be able to join the matsuri next year!