Vitamin D - Hijiri

Vitamin D - Hijiri 画像

Currently this past few days it's been raining a lot but a week before was able to spend a sunny perfect temperature dayoff with the one and only Mr.T. As soon as I woke up and went to the bathroom the sunlight made me stop, haven't felt this fresh in a minute. I took it as a message to get my ass outside. We decided to go to our lunch spot of course IN THE HOUSE yessirski

It was so nice outside decided to use their terrace seat and the store own a cat which usually don't come near me but I don't know why but on that day the cat followed me everywhere so I decided to take some photos. Tomoya and I were sitting outside the exit door and all the customer wanted a photo with the cat which was sitting right under my feet and I have no idea why but while I was eating all the customer took picture of the cat with myself in it which was kinda annoying but eh ... Anyways I order the usual chicken karage lunch set and Tomoya order the In The House menu which changes often and the had to trade my chicken for Tomoyas shrimp cause they looked gass
here are some pictures from that day...

After we went to help out the our cafe which seemed quite busy so we decided to help out. I was planning to do some photoshoot of the guest house next to the cafe but lost track of time and was there at the cafe till sunset which was amazing.

These was few days been raining the whole day so hopefully I can get my vitamin D asap 🌅